Chances are if you’re busy paying debt, you’re not paying yourself.

Let us help you get started on a journey to a debt free life and prosperous future.
There are several ways to get out of debt, take a few minutes to learn your options.


If you decide to do nothing you’ll get no relief from the debt or the harassment from your creditors. Your fees and interest can keep accruing, your account collection calls and threats can intensify. Ultimately, bank accounts can be levied and liens may be placed on your property. Avoidance only intensifies the unavoidable consquences . . .


There are limited pros with bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can follow you on your credit reports for up to 10 years and can keep you from obtaining a new mortgage for two to three years. A bankruptcy filing may prevent you from getting a checking or savings account or prevent access to your current accounts for a period of time . . .


Debt consolidation is where a reputable bank or mortage company roll’s your debt into your home mortgage or a consolidation loan; if you even have that option. This process will eliminate collection calls, may lower your monthly payments and may reduce your interest rates. However, it may actually end up costing you more over time . . .


Debt assumption works much differently than other debt relief options. Debt assumption offsets your debts, helps protect against lawsuits, and restores your credit without the possibility of tax liability. This program uses a proprietary process that has been proven highly successful for thousands of clients over the past 14 years . . .


With debt validation, credit restoration usually begins as soon as you enroll your unsecured debt accounts. The validation process starts as the creditors owed sell the debt or begin collection practices. Then begins the process of requesting proof that the debt is yours. If proof or validation cannot be provided, the debt is forgiven . . .


Debt settlement is probably the option that people are most familiar with. Depending on the company and the law. you may pay an upfront fee to the debt settlement company; based on a percentage of your debt. A special purpose savings or 3rd party escrow account will be initialized where monthly deposits are accumulated . . .

“Procrastination won’t contribute to your potential, but it will steal your opportunities.”

Let us help you get started on a journey to a debt free life and prosperous future. Will you take a few minutes to help yourself succeed? Answer a few questions and let us assist you on a road to debt freedom and financial success.

With resolute determination, MPowering America is here to reignite your dreams. Whomever you are, every culture, every background, we are here to help. Help starts with giving you a financial education to be set free from debt and to have financial freedom for you and your family, so that you can increase your income and accumulate wealth. This is all available to you if you are willing to learn.

If you stay focused on your dream, you can own your future.